Conditions We Treat

Mountain Physical Therapy  Monticelo NY

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Neck and Back Care
Including hands on therapy, lifting technique training, pain control modalities and customized exercise programs.

Shoulder Pain
Detailed musculoskeletal examination to pinpoint the physical origin of the problem with construction of a highly customized treatment approach targeting these findings.

Foot Pain
Biochemical analysis of the foot during weight bearing assists in treatment planning.

Knee Pain
Traumatic injuries or chronic pain conditions are treated following through assessment and determination of underlying causes of pain.

Hip and Pelvic Dysfunction
Traumatic falls or pre and post partum laxity are treated with gentle mobilization and muscle strengthening.

Traumatic Hand and Elbow Injury
Utilizing modalities, manual and exercise techniques.

Sports Injuries
For more complicated and sports related injuries, we do offer physical therapy. Our therapy is designed to get you feeling like your old self again.

We take the time to develop the muscle tissue that will strengthen your body and decrease daily fatigue so that you heal faster.

We have certified physical therapists who can work on a range of injuries, from back and disc problems, to leg and arm injuries.We have more than 8 years of experience in sports injuries.

Upper and lower extremity arthritis care consisting of education in joint protection principals and home exercise instruction. We offer a very effective treatment for the arthritis which is the LASER treatment. Laser have been proven to regenerate the damaged cartilage and expedite the healing process.