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"I went to Dr Nada for 7 months after a car accident he is the very best. Go to him, you wont be sorry. to this day, I still miss going there helped me so much."
Aug 14, 2023
"The best of the best! Caring and super knowledgeable. Helped me when i was really suffering. I couldn’t have healed so well without them! I am so appreciative."
Dec 07, 2022
"The Staff was very good when it comes to the schedule. The Physical Therapy Staff was very Attentive to my Issues, In the short time I was there I felt a Major difference in my Physical Health. I was Very Happy with there services and will be back."
Aug 31, 2022
"Dr.Nada is the Best. He helped me I came along way with my therapy, He put in a lot of effort in my well being I thank him from the bottom of my heart. His staff are very Nice they are so pleasant. I will be back Next year."
Aug 31, 2022
"Dr.Nada is Highly Knowledgeable , Very Nice Understanding and his staff are Wonderful Both my husband and I Appreciate them Very much They have helped us so much in our Therapy We would recommend them to anyone because the service is Exceptional. We will only go there."
Aug 31, 2022
"The Experience here was super. The therapy from the Dr. Nada was Top Notch. The care that he gives to each patient was heartwarming the staff made me feel amazing from The receptionist Jessica, Tiffany and The Aide Yusra. The Dr. Treatment was the Best I Could have Had. I wish they were closer to home so I could go all year. If I could give them a 10 star I would."
Aug 25, 2022
"The therapist Dr. nada is excellent caring professional he helped a lot I have gone to other facilities they don't come close to this facility this one by far is the best there is I highly recommend this facility "
Aug 19, 2022
"Dr.Nada is the very best in his treatment has done wonders with my neck his staff Jessica receptionist goes anove and beyound for the patients i am truely satisfied with the treatment i am receiving there "
Mar 13, 2022
"Dr. Nada was treating my mom after total hip replacement. I already had a very positive experience with Mountain Physical Therapy when my father needed PT treatment last year, so I was solid in my decision of choosing Mountain Physical therapy office for my mom. I am so happy that I trusted my intuition again! Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Nada for helping mom to regain her strength, balance, and independence back. Dr. Nada is a true master of his trade with superb skills, confidence, and professionalism necessary for providing the best care possible for his patients. Dr. Nada was always attentive to mom’s needs going above and beyond helping her, caring deeply about her progress and wellbeing. Dr. Nada dedicated the full hour treating mom and adjusting each treatment according to her needs. One can feel that Dr. Nada loves what he does and cares about patients’s progress and outcome which no doubt helps patients achieve their best outcomes. Mom had a smile on her face each time she was leaving the treatment. I also would like to recognize a very positive atmosphere in the office. Each time we enter the office we were met with smiles from receptionists and wonderful nurse Yusra making us feel comfortable and at ease before receiving treatment. The whole Mountain Physical Therapy office operates as a community of people dedicated to creating the very best healing environment for their patients. "
Oct 02, 2021
"I had surgery in October to repair my supraspinatus tendon. This was the first time I had worked with Dr Nada regarding the rehab. He was excellent. Hands on and knowledgeable. There was never an issue of feeling rushed. His office staff was professional and my scheduled appointments were met punctually. I would also note that the entire staff wore masks and respected the precautions involved with the covid virus. I would recommend Dr Nada and would see him again for any Physical Therapy issues that occur. "
Jan 12, 2021
"Would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Vrushank Patel at Mountain Physical Therapy for helping my father to get back in shape. My father's posture has improved, he no longer uses a cane for ambulation and the level of pain in his leg has reduced drastically since he started physical therapy sessions with Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel is a highly skilled professional who is very attentive to my father's needs and who does his job right every time/every visit! Words of praise to Dr. Nada and his staff for providing such an excellent care to their patients. I am really happy I found your office and just hope that anyone in need of Physical Therapy can find their way to your office. Your service is greatly appreciated. Vera K."
Sep 11, 2020
"I came here when i had my 1st knee replacement surgery, and now im going back for my 2nd knee.They are so patient and attentive to my needs. I will never go any place else."
Mar 12, 2020
"I was really impressed with everyone here ! From the the wonderful caring people at the front desk to the warm helpful aids ! Dr Nada is amazing ! He really knows what he’s doing. From when I started till I finished my ankle is 100 percent pain free! I’m really sad to leave ! "
Aug 16, 2019
"Dr. Abdelhalim Nada is a highly skilled and very knowledgeable doctor of physical therapy. My condition improved greatly in the short time I attended physical therapy sessions with him. The use of several different treatment modalities also contributed to the positive change I experienced, and this is not something that is offered in all physical therapy clinics. It creates a unique healing opportunity, customized for each patient. The entire staff at Mountain Physical Therapy is friendly, helpful, and made my visits there a great experience as well."
May 27, 2019
"Best place to go for therapy Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable Would recommend anyone for mountain physical therapy "
May 07, 2019
"Great staff, great service! This team of professionals are efficient, knowledgeable & very good at what they do! I definitely recommend them! "
Mar 02, 2019
"Great and friendly service with a professional care. "
Aug 05, 2018
"I like Richard a lot. He made my back feel so much better and I like working out in the gym."
Feb 06, 2018

I appreciate the good care I have experienced at Mountain Physical Therapy. Plus the fact that they have laser treatment, which certainly helps old injuries too. Thank you to the office staff and doctors!!

Martha Lebow

I’m a new patient. From the moment I looked into the office, I was greeted by friendly, smiling staff. Everything was explained in great detail what my PT treatment was going to be. I’m so happy I don’t feel pressure to do anything that causes any type of discomfort.

Jennifer Medina

First time I came to therapy for my hip. It was great because my hip doesn’t hurt! Current treatment is working well.

Alma Green

It’s all been good – the receptionists and practitioners are good. I did need to wait for almost 1 hour on one occassion.

Bernadette Norris

The employees show extreme professionalism. The oral discussion is very courteous. All of the massages and exercises from the therapists are gentle and helping me on my leg. The heat and ice packs are put on by the nurse who is very diligent and in her work. The receptionists are great, they follow up every appointment.

Dorothy Cohen

It was a healthy time I was here. Didn’t want the hour to end – it was so relaxing and helpful to my body and mind. Didn’t think of anything else except what “they” were doing to my pain. Everyone was so pleasant and caring. Didn’t want it to end. Forever grateful for each and everyone.

Elizabeth “Jackie” Goldstein

The service and treatments are very good for my problems. My legs and back are improving more with every visit.

Wilbur Whitehead